Clear Channel VR advertising case study 

VR scene with advertising board

Project Overview

Clear Channel regularly use VR to measure outdoor poster effectiveness by simulating real world scenarios and analysing advertising exposure to different poster sizes, locations and creative executions. They do this at scale by creating 360º videos with CGI changes and deploying on iOS/Android devices with cardboard VR viewers. It’s an innovative approach which has redefined how outdoor media is planned and bought because Clear Channel have more accurate data on the effectives of their poster sites. Attention heatmaps deliver rich insights on everything from optimum ad frequency to the logos, text and colour used. 

Data Intelligence

Dozens of street scenes with different creative executions measure which posters perform better than others to prove the business case for investing in outdoor advertising. Based on natural exposure to posters, attention heatmaps are analysed to measure whether people noticed the outdoor advert, the amount of time they spent viewing different posters and the sequence and priority of areas viewed. Defined target areas are analysed to measure relative performance against each poster as well as the effectiveness of the creative message. Insights include the optimum brand logo placement, the best text font, size and contrast against background colour as well as the optimal angle of view to ensure outdoor advertising messages have the most impact. 

Business Results

XR data analytics deliver real human insight on people’s exposure to VR street scenes to provide evidence on the effectiveness of outdoor media. Attention measures based on gaze-tracking have transformed how outdoor media is traded by overturning outdated measurements of reach and frequency which has resulted in increased client budgets. Recommendations to creative agencies on the optimum brand placement, text and colour are also improving the impact of poster advertising on our streets.

“Measuring attention at scale using gaze-tracking delivers insight similar to eye-tracking and increased budgets.”

Creative Technology team, Clear Channel UK

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