Clear Channel optimise adverts with VR attention data 

CORTEXR case study Clear Channel optimise adverts with VR attention data

Outdoor media attention with VR data analytics

Clear Channel, the global outdoor advertising company, use Virtual Reality and spatial data analytics to optimise poster advertising effectiveness and increase investment into outdoor media. VR simulations of real world experiences create realistic test environments to analyse people’s attention to outdoor advertising by street location, poster size and creative design. It’s an innovative approach which has redefined how outdoor media is planned, bought and measured in the competitive Attention Economy where all media fights for attention. Adding spatial tracking software to VR delivers invaluable attentional data on which poster sites have the biggest impact and how creative messages drive standout. Fashion brands like Gucci, banks such as Lloyds and automotive companies like Ford now have more accurate data to improve their poster advertising campaigns.  

Attention metrics with VR spatial tracking

VR street scenes immerse people in different scenarios to measure natural exposure to different posters using spatial tracking analytics. Attention heatmaps identify whether people noticed the outdoor advert, the amount of time they spent viewing the poster and the sequence of areas viewed on the advert. Combining VR stimuli with spatial data has enabled Clear Channel to:

Establish best frequency for outdoor advertising based on the optimal number of times people need to see a poster to recall the advertising message.

Identify impact of large versus small poster sizes in grabbing people’s attention to attribute value based on different budgets for different poster sites. 

Optimise advertising creative message with brand logo placement, text font, size and contrast against different background colours to deliver higher attention levels.

 Spatial data insights build on the academic theory of fluent processing to uncover brand communication that is fluently processed uses attention more efficiently. It taps into both perceptual fluency (testing optimal text and logo size) as well as conceptual fluency (understanding message complexity) which can be applied to all AR/VR projects with brand messages e.g. in-game adverts.  It’s not always about how much attention you get, but are you using the attention efficiently!

Actionable insights deliver increased budgets

XR data analytics deliver real human insight on people’s exposure to VR street scenes to provide evidence on the effectiveness of outdoor media. Attention measures based on spatial tracking have transformed how outdoor media is traded by overturning outdated measurements of reach and frequency which has resulted in increased client budgets. Recommendations to creative agencies on the optimum brand placement, text and colour are also improving the impact of poster advertising on our streets.

40% higher attention of adverts.

2.3 times higher brand recall.

2.4 times higher message recall.

9% uplift in message comprehension.

“VR attention metrics have transformed media measurement and creative guidelines to deliver increased media budgets.”

Creative Technology, Clear Channel UK.

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