Actionable data insight for all sectors and projects 

Plug and play technology for 3D engines and XR platforms delivers data insights and standardised metrics for all sectors to increase performance across all your projects.

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Get to know your users and grow your business

CORTEXR delivers an end-to-end data analytics solution for you to build more engaging XR experiences and drive your business forward. Capture insights quickly using prebuilt dashboards powered by real-time data with enterprise-grade analytics irrespective of your level of expertise. Visualise and optimise performance based on Navigation (how users move through experience), Attention (what users look at) and Immersion levels. A powerful suite of standardised data metrics for all projects irrespective of platform.

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Deep data insight at your fingertips

Understand the performance of your projects with reliable, real-time data dashboard regardless of your level of expertise.

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Dynamic reporting on user behaviours

Measure real behaviour in your experiences with Navigation, Attention, Immersion and View metrics and visualisations.

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Standardised data analytics for all projects

Monitor and compare performance across all your projects irrespective of device, platform and format with one analytics package.

Education and Training

  • Track time, pathway and sequence of tasks to assess competency and performance
  • Measure trial and error as well as ease of navigation to optimise learning effectiveness
  • Analyse attention to different training modules to assess learning comprehension 
  • Identify priority areas in training experience to understand engagement levels
  • Use data insights to increase productivity outcomes
education and training
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Manufacturing and Automotive

  • Observe position and angle as well as order of events to assess product prototype experience
  • Determine ergonomics with different features to understand issues or impediments 
  • Examine levels of attention around the product to identify priority areas of interest
  • Streamline designs based on real behaviours which match physical representations
  • Significantly increase decision-making effectiveness

Healthcare and Medical

  • Track time, pathways and sequence of practitioner or patient behaviour to assess performance
  • Closely measure engagement with specific elements to understand both learning retention and risk factors
  • Study the levels of immersion across your projects to assess realism compared to real life 
  • Optimise diagnostic data on real human behaviours to improve effectiveness 
  • Increase predictive analytics with advanced insights
medical trainee

Real Estate and Construction

  • Gauge distance, angle and movement to understand intuitive responses
  • Assess time and sequence of events to identify most viewed areas 
  • Dissect the areas which get the most attention to inform design priorities
  • Fully optimise both navigation and perception based on true human behaviours
  • Use data insights to increase project success

Media and Entertainment

  • Record and assess position as well as navigation
  • Pinpoint the elements which get the most attention
  • Benchmark and measure immersion levels
  • Boost engagement by using data insights to optimise content
  • Significantly increase campaign performance

media and entertainment

Retail and E-Commerce

  • Monitor movement through the experience
  • Both discover and identify interest levels across content areas
  • Observe different levels of attention to specific segments
  • Maximise navigation as well as exploration
  • Improve business outcomes with our data insights

Consumer Research

  • Analyse consumer behaviour to new product development prototypes
  • Measure attention to new packaging design features to screen concepts
  • Track shopper navigation around new shelf and point of sale ideas 
  • Diagnose behaviours in metaverse experiences which deliver brand objectives
  • Apply behavioural data insights to XR research studies
    education and training

    Featured case studies

    CORTEXR delivers advanced data insights on human behaviour across all AR, VR and Metaverse sectors. Our plug and play technology combines Cognitive Science with Artificial Intelligence to give you a powerful dashboard of real-time data analytics at your fingertips. Tapping into this rich data source enables you to understand your users and optimise content experiences. Check out recent case studies to see how our customers apply data insight to drive business results.

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    “AR with behavioural data insight delivers the confidence to make strategic business decisions”

    Human Insights Team

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    “Combining advanced data analytics with VR has transformed our approach and increased budgets”

    Research & Insight Team

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    “Data intelligence has proven the effectiveness of AR as an advertising channel in the marketing mix”

    Research & Strategy Team

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