Pringles prove AR ad effectiveness with spatial data analytics  

Pringles prove AR ad effectiveness with spatial data analytics

Spatial tracking for AR advertising campaigns

Pringles ‘Meet Frank the Zombie’ advertising campaign in Europe included WebAR alongside multiple Yahoo and Xbox digital media to engage their audience. Whilst digital media has established data metrics (impressions, dwell time, click through rates etc), this doesn’t measure the true impact of 3D spatial experiences and AR ad effectiveness at driving brand metrics. Pringles wanted to understand Augmented Reality’s role in the media mix, its unique benefits compared to other media channels and the ROI of including AR on future campaigns.  Our XR data analytics engine addressed this challenge by measuring how people navigated the 3D experience and which elements of the creative execution got the most attention to quantify the unique value that AR delivers.

Data analytics to measure AR performance

Spatial tracking analysis of the physiological behaviour with the Pringles AR experience measured navigation (the angle, distance, position and order of events in the user journey), attention (the time, sequence and priority of elements which users looked at) and how immersed people were (the overall impact of the experience). This delivered deeper insights about the immersive nature of AR (compared to other digital media) and how consumers engage differently with 3D experiences. Navigation scatterplots provided real data to understand how people moved around the 6DOF spatial experiences. Attention heatmaps delivered a strong measure of cognitive processing and interest in defined areas of the 3D content.  In addition to demonstrating the unique benefits of spatial experiences, our XR data analytics platform proved the value of AR as a media channel with higher brand attitudinal shifts for AR compared to 2D media formats.

Award-winning insights to prove ROI

Pringles validated the effectiveness of Augmented Reality in advertising, as an important part of the media mix, with an 83% brand uplift for AR compared to 73% across other digital channels. Spatial data on user behaviour (navigation, attention and immersion levels) showed that higher user engagement translated into higher attitudinal changes with consumers. This proved the ROI for AR as more than a creative tool but a marketing channel which delivers business results.

“AR with data analytics insight proved the performance of this media channel.”

Research & Strategy team, Yahoo EMEA.

Research Innovation Award

Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe (IAB Europe)

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