Unity XR data analytics plug-in released  

Unity XR data analytics plug-in released

Unity XR data analytics plug-in

Creating Extended Reality experiences is one of the best jobs in the world. You’re shaping the future with amazing AR, VR and Metaverse solutions which deliver impact. Proving the value of XR to clients and stakeholders can however be a hurdle as data analytics are often limited to screen-based metrics (impressions, dwell time, click through rates etc) and restricted to specific platforms (specialist eye-tracking software integrated into HMDs). CORTEXR solves this challenge with the metrics of human behaviour in 3D spatial environments irrespective of device, platform and format. All in one place.

Our Unity XR data analytics plug-in is now available to all AR, VR and Metaverse developers. The Unity Editor plug-in collects sensor data on your projects and enables you to configure the scenes and objects you want to track. Our intelligence engine processes raw data from handsets and headsets in the cloud and combines this with project metadata and our databases to analyse behaviour. Simply log-in to your dashboard to see real-time data analytics and visualisations on the performance of your projects.

Our mission is to provide standardised metrics across all 3D engines and XR development platforms with more plug-ins on our roadmap so let us know which plug-ins you’d like to see next at contact@cortexr.com.

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